About us


Our background

Humanitarian support for people in poverty and need’ is the name of the foundation, which was set up at the end of December 2014.

The foundation is focused on working with people in need, decides specifically which projects are to be implemented and uses the experience of local organizations.

The founder and board of directors are personally involved in the projects, which extend from Nepal (Upper Dolpo, Himalayas), through India (Varanasi and Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh) to Nigeria (Afikpo, Ebony State region).

As a small organization, the HUMAN Foundation is particularly distinguished by the fact that 100% of donations flow into the projects and we transparently implement forward-looking projects with local partners in disadvantaged and very remote regions.

Our Vision

“Give Children a Future” is the vision of the Board of the HUMAN Foundation. We have a stand for focused education, equality, access to health system, peace and freedom, equal opportunities, tolerance and strengthening the community.

We see our foundation as a contribution to more humanity in a peaceful and just world.

We set up this foundation out of gratitude because we have achieved a lot in our own lives and live a happy life, but also assume social responsibility towards our fellow human beings. With this foundation we want to make a contribution to people in poverty and need who are not allowed to live above the poverty line.

Edith and Karlheinz Neumann

Founder HUMAN-Foundation

Our Mission


Together with our local partner organizations in India, Nepal and Nigeria, we develop the appropriate strategies and programs. We work closely with government agencies and also create jobs for the local population.

Through personal contact with the families, teachers and Government authorities, we know the needs of the people and can respond to them with our wide range of relief measures.

Targeted education and access to health system, training and support for children, young people and women in social and financial need is our service offering to enable these people to live a self-determined life.

Based on defined criteria and regular reports we measure the effectiveness of our actions.

Founders and Board


Edith and Karlheinz Neumann

Founders & Board Members

Edith Neumann, Born on November 27, 1955 in Feldbach / Austria, naturopath with her own practice. Raising three of her own children. I worked in childcare for many years and attend seminars for personality development and coaching.

Karlheinz Neumann, Born on October 27, 1952 in Kochel am See. I worked for many years as a senior executive in a global company, and has retired in October 2015. I was active in politics and various social projects since the 1990s.


Melanie Facius

Board Member

Melanie Facius, born on July 11th, 1986 in Bad Schlema. Today I live with my husband and our three children in Abakaliki, Ebony State in Nigeria. Professionally, I work in the field service for various global companies. As a mother of three children, it is very important to me to introduce them to humanitarian aid, so we spend almost all of our free time supporting social projects.


Herbert Kanschat

Board Member

Herbert Kanschat, Born on March 11th, 1958 in Munich. I have been an employee of a globally active DAX company in Munich for more than 30 years – including more than 10 years in a leading position. In my spare time I have been passionately playing theater for over 35 years and for more than 10 years I have been the director of a Theater Association. Another great passion besides the family and FC Bayern is skiing. As Head of Alpine Skiing, I supported the youth from TSV Vaterstetten for more than 13 years in alpine racing.


Mario Neumann

Board Member

Mario Neumann born on July 22nd, 1981 in Munich. I have been running an event technology company with two friends since 2017. I have been a very socially minded and committed person since childhood. Through my work in social associations and as a youth leader in the youth center, my preference for working with children and young people has been consolidated. I did internships in kindergarten and community service at the Red Cross in the geriatric care service.

Our Partners


Mala & Dr.S.P.Tiwari

Secretary and Founder Creation India Society Varanasi, India


Hariom Tiwari

Program-Manager Keshwa Child Welfare Center, Sonbhadra, India


Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche

Founder of Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation Kathmandu, Nepal


Karma Dhondup Lama

Founder of Shree Shelri Drugdra School Saldang, Upper Dolpo


Pema Wangyal Lama

School Coordinator Shree Shelri Drugdra School Saldang, Upper Dolpo


Dawa Phuntsok

School Coordinator Tripitrak School Lhuri, Upper Dolpo


Pema Tsering Gurung

School Coordinator Shree Yanjer Gumba School Nyisal, Upper Dolpo


Melanie Facius & Divine Awah

Founder Better Place Africa Project Partner Afikpo, Nigeria


Angela & Richard Awah

Pastor & Project Partners Holyrock Mountain of Light Church in Amuro/Mgbom, Nigeria

“Our” local Teams


Staff in our Keshwa HUMAN Welfare, India

The picture shows the Center Manager Hariom Tiwari with a part of our core team of the Creation India Society with currently more than 30 people. Without their passionate and competent commitment, we would not be able to carry out this work successfully.


Teachers at the Shree Shelri Drugdra Schule, Nepal

The teachers and assistants in Saldang are representative of all teachers in Saldang, Nyisal and Lhuri (12 people). We appreciate and admire this enormous commitment and their great experience in this difficult environment in the Upper Dolpo at an altitude of 4,000 meters!


Teachers at Amuro/Mgbom School, Nigeria

The school in Amuro is a public school. The teachers are paid by the Government, however, they are important partners for us in the modernization of the school complex. With the construction of a new plant for pure drinking water, we will employ more than 15 staff.

Our Supporters

‘You cannot help everyone,’ says the narrow-minded and does not help anyone. This quote comes from the writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.

Without the financial help of our great supporters, the projects would not be possible. We want to express our gratitude by introducing smaller companies and individuals, and by letting some private donors speak about why they support the HUMAN Foundation. The many unnamed supporters are of course just as valuable for the success of our work.



Award by NRI India

Awarded March 10, 2022

Annual Reports (Transparency)

At this point we are publishing our internal annual report of the Executive Board for the last two years, in which the main project results, the financial view and an outlook for the coming year are shown.


With your help we make people’s eyes light up

Only with your support we can sustainably develop and support the children across generations in order to enable them to lead a self-determined life.