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Please help us in the long-term and sustainable implementation of our vision “GIVE CHILDREN A FUTURE”. The needy people will thank you.

You have various donation options: PayPal, GlobalGiving or using bank transfer / standing order.

We prefer donations that are not directly related to the project. We then use the funds as needed. As a rule, we do not support individuals, but always groups: schools, families or special infrastructure projects. There where we see that the need is particularly high.

But there is also the possibility to support a specific project, like mandatory on platforms like GlobalGiving.

Thank you so much for your donation and your generosity.

Here you can find all details about payment methods, tax benefits and donation receipts.

Facts & Figures


of your donations...

go into the project work. All administrative expenses are borne by the donors. All activities are carried out on a voluntary basis. Project trips are financed entirely privately.


of your donations...

… are currently used for operational purposes and thus guarantee lasting benefits for the people on site. All other donations are investments for construction form the basis for financing ongoing operation.


of the construction investment...

… of the Human Foundation have so far been borne by the founders. The remaining 60% come from grant applications and funding from a single family to build a school in Lhuri, Nepal.


of the expenses...

… in 2022 + 2023 were made in Nigeria, predominantly for the water project. The remaining 16% was spent in India for the expansion and operation of the projects and in Nepal for school construction and operation.

What can I achieve with…?


Education & Training and Health, India:

Depending on program utilization, we employ 35-50 people. At the center, 150 children go to school every day and 150-300 young women receive vocational training every year. We look after more than 1,000 people in the surrounding villages and run camps for people with handicaps.


Schools & Emergency Aid in Upper Dolpo, Nepal:

We finance two winter schools and a summer school with 150 an altitude of around 4,000 meters.  There are 12 teachers and 6 helpers (kitchen) on duty. Starting in 2022 we are building a new school in Lhuri. Eight rooms are already in use. We provide emergency aid in the event of natural disasters.


Education & Emergency Aid in Ebony State, Nigeria:

A school for 1,700 children is being renovated in Afikpo. We have already renovated the main building and built a well for the school area. Nine buildings are still outstanding. We provide family aid, medical emergency aid and have been producing clean drinking water for up to 4,000 locals since autumn 2023.

€ 10

  • Meal for three children per month in the winter schools
  • Fee for one school child per month in the KCWC
  • Cost of 5 beams to replace roofs in Nigeria

€ 25

  • Salary for cook / assistant per month in winter schools
  • Medical care for two weeks at the KCWC
  • One child in Nigeria with school fees + food at school per month

€ 50

  • School fees for four children per month in winter schools
  • Food for school + ChildLine for two weeks in the KCWC
  • Filter costs for water purification for approximately 200,000 liters.

€ 100

  • Monthly salary for a teacher in winter schools
  • Salary for a social worker per month at the KCWC
  • 2 monthly salaries for a staff at the Nigeria water project

€ 500

  • Total fees for five children of one school period in the winter schools
  • Salary of one ChildLine caretaker for 3 months
  • Moderate surgery for a sick child in Nigeria

€ 2000

  • Total expenses of both winter schools for 6 weeks
  • Senior Teacher / trainer salary for 1 year at KCWC
  • Production and distribution of 100,000 liters of clean water