School lessons Dolpo 2022

This blog about the school reports for the year 2022 consists of three parts:

  • The lessons of the winter school in Nyisal from the period 2021/2022
  • The lessons of the winter school in Saldang from the period 2021/2022
  • The lessons of the summer school in Lhuri from the year 2022

Due to the lack of communication options, all reports can only be created at the end of the calendar year and then published. We ask for your understanding.

Winterschool Nyisal

The period of the winterschool in the “Shree Yanjer Gumba Basic School” last from December 2021 to March 2022. A total of 32 children attended the winter school. We had three teachers and one assistant to prepare the meals.

The three teachers differentiated the levels of the students according to their grades and literacy skills in all three language subjects (Nepali, Tibetan, English). Classes were held from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

To assess the learning outcomes for the three-month period, the teachers conducted an assessment at the end of the winter classes. The assessment helped to compare the desired level of the students with their level of reading and writing. All students made remarkable progress. This assessment also served as the basis for the allocation to the classes of the 2022 summer school.

Winterschool Saldang

In the “Shree Shelri Drugdra Basic School” children were taught from beginning of December 2021 until mid of April 2022. Three teachers, two kitchen helpers and an assistant taught and accompanied 60 children through this period.

The winter classes focused on the literacy aspect of the three core languages: Tibetan, Nepali and English and also involving the students in various extracurricular activities (including Tibetan culture) that play an important role in the child’s development and learning process. In addition, the winter school serves as both remedial and preparatory instruction for the students during the five months.
The teachers repeat the topics taught in the summer and prepare the
students for summer school.

Some children stay at the school and sleep over the whole time. As in Nyisal, there was an exam at the end of school with very good results.

Summer school Lhuri

Since our school building in Lhuri will only be completed in the summer of 2023 in stage 1, the lessons in the “Tripitak Basic School” were again very limited in 2022 because there are currently no rooms available. The children had to be taught outside again.

Despite the adverse circumstances, three teachers did their best and taught more than 20 children. With the completion of eight rooms (three classrooms, dormitories for teachers and students and a small kitchen), the situation will improve fundamentally from mid-2023.

By visiting all three schools in autumn 2022, we were again able to get a good impression of how it works and the challenges.

We spent a total of 20,000 Euros on school operations for all three schools in 2022. All teachers, helpers and assistants were paid for this, the food for the students and the teachers. At the school in Lhuri, all school materials, clothing and other necessary materials are paid for, including transport costs from Kathmandu.

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