Emergency Relief Project in Mugu, Nepal

13. February 2023

SHELTER AND FOOD RELIEF PROJECT following devastating landslides and flash floods. Three communities in Mughu district in western Nepal are affected.
In October 2022, in Mugu district, Chhayanath Rara commune was isolated by continuous rains lasting days. Streams and rivers have burst their banks and swept away everything on their way to the valleys.

Several people were killed, but also many animals. More than 200 houses were completely destroyed and many families were left homeless. People have lost all their belongings and crops have been destroyed. There were food shortages and health problems. The families of the victims have sought shelter under tarpaulins for the cold nights and will have to live there for many more months until their houses are rebuilt.

As with most disasters, children suffer the most, be it due to a lack of food, shelter, clothing or health problems. In addition, the winter with the snow will increase the risk of further landslides in the village. It is therefore safer for families to seek shelter under the tarpaulins in winter.
After the disaster, the Red Cross, the government and other organizations provided initial, short-term emergency aid. However, in order to get through the winter, we have provided emergency financial aid and, in cooperation with our project partner in Nepal and with the district authorities of Chhayanath Rara, to give support to 287 families in some villages.

Upon completion of the project, victims in Districts #6, 7, 8, and 11 will have access to adequate food supplies and warm shelter. We have given each affected family 30 kg of rice, 2 kg of lentils, cooking oil, soap, warm blankets and tarpaulins for emergency shelter to get through the winter.

What were the criteria according to which the families received support?

  • Their home was destroyed by floods and landslides.
  • Whose house is not habitable and there is a high risk of collapse.
  • Who lost their food supplies, livestock, farmland, etc. due to floods or landslides.

We immediately made funds available to alleviate the highest need. Almost 300 families (number in brackets) in the villages of Jyari (120), Salim (73), Bhalai (27), Mathi Ghuera (23) and Kotila (40) were supported. We will continue to monitor the situation in order to provide further assistance in a timely manner.

We welcome donations for this project and thank you for your support.

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