Start of winter schools – construction of new school building “safe”


Despite the sometimes very difficult pandemic situation in Nepal, we will also be able to successfully conclude the year 2021 with our projects. Successful because we have achieved or will achieve all our goals:

  • The winter schools in Saldang and Nyisal were closed as planned in March / April for the winter period 2020/2021.
  • The food aid project led by the DTCF, with the HUMAN Foundation heavily involved in planning and financing for 700 families, was completed.
  • The first partial financing of the school operations in Lhuri in the summer period April to October 2021 also ended as planned.
  • The winter schools in Saldang and Nyisal start as planned with the school period 2021/2022.

Despite the not always easy conditions such as the pandemic and the extremely difficult communication with the acting people in the mountainous villages, the interaction with the school coordinators in the three schools, the DTCF as our administrative partner and the HUMAN Foundation as project partner and financier of the projects worked perfectly again.
Thanks to everyone involved.

School construction in Lhuri – main topic for 2022/2023

Finally, some very good news. It was our goal to build a school in a village in Dolpo. Coincidentally, the wish arose in the village of Lhuri to reactivate the old school for children from the villages of Lhuri, Ke and Shungjer, which had not been used for many years. The school is organized by Dawa Phuntsok, a former student. Together with the school committee in Lhuri, we as the HUMAN Foundation in the overall project management and as the financier of the school in cooperation with the DTCF want to start and implement the project in large parts in the course of 2022. There are still a number of points to be clarified, such as the size and equipment of the school and much more. The picture above shows the old, dilapidated school. We will be able to provide all the details in the next blog in spring 2022. We are very happy that we can tackle this project.

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